Clevedon Family Church

Sunday School classes run parallel with the adult teaching in the Morning Services Children are taught in 3 classes by school year groups. We do however try to be flexible in order to meet children’s individual needs. In all of our work with children, their protection is our number 1 priority. We have a Child Protection Policy that can be viewed on the noticeboard in our foyer. All events and activities for under-18's at CFC are supervised by DBS-checked volunteers.

Class 1

Reception- Year 3

This group has a teacher and a helper in order to help the children have fun learning about God, through bible stories, games, drama and craft activities.

Class 2

Year 4-Year 7

In this group we explore the examples of good Biblical role models by fun activities including, stories, games, quizzes, discussions and role play. This is in order to understand and acquire Christian faith and values.

Class 3

Year 8-Year 11

We are working through the 'Christianity Explored' course and apply this learning to young people's current and future life situations, with lots of discussions and examples. We aim to encourage young people's understanding of what it means to be a Christian, a follower of Jesus.